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Santa’s Using Zebras Now

The Sweet Smell of Rejection, originally uploaded by S.britt.

Well, it’s two days before Christmas here in North America. All month long @ The Bridge (www.ironbridge.com, that is) we’ve been thinking about and praying for and yes…collecting an offering to support the folks that have left the comforts and conveniences of home to share Christ in far away places around the globe.

My girl (sometimes also known as “my wife”) grew up in East Africa–the daughter of missionaries. She spent more than a few Christmases far from home. This is one of the silly little songs she learned as a child in Africa at Christmastime. I dedicate these lyrics to all the devoted Christ followers who are celebrating Christmas this year in far away places that have customs and climates very different from what we experience in North America at Christmastime. Enjoy.

And God Bless Us…Everyone! (Name that movie…or book if you prefer.)

Santa’s Using Zebras Now

Santa’s using zebras now
to pull his Christmas sleigh
’cause a boy in Africa
wrote to him one day.
“Santa please stop by,” he said,
“and bring some toys with you.”
Santa’s using zebras now
south of Timbuktu.

Donner, Blitzen, all the reindeer
put him on the spot –
they were used to ice and snow
but Africa was hot!
Then some zebras came along
and they pulled Santa through.
Santa’s using zebras now
south of Timbuktu.

See the pyramids to by
and there’s the Nile below.
Watch out for that tall giraffe;
mustn’t fly too low.
Hello hippopotamus
the season’s joy to you!
Hello Mr. Crocodile
merry Christmas too!

As they gallop over jungles
lions stop and stare,
wonderin’ what those zebras could be
doing way up there.
While the reindeer wait for him
back home in their igloo,
Santa’s using zebras now
south of Timbuktu.

Merry Christmas (2 days early)!!!

Live the Red,


December 23, 2008 at 11:35 am
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